Hi! Welcome to my little blog. My name is Tara, a 30-something from sunny Brisbane in Australia.

I like sewing, drinking wine, drinking while I’m sewing, and making things in general. I also like shoes, reading, and eating cheese.

I’ve kind of always known how to sew I think – I remember winning a prize in home ec for my palazzo pants! Then came denim boob tubes and skirts made out of jeans for my friends, and then when I moved to Australia I bought a tiny sewing machine from Spotlight and made my first quilt. Since then I’ve upgraded my machine, made a few more quilts, and a whole lot of other stuff in between. I decided to start this blog to record some of things I’ve made in the past, and to document the stuff I’m planning to make from my incredibly long wishlist. I still love reading blogs, even if they are on the decline, and hopefully others still do too.

So if you like reading about other people’s sewing antics, badly lit photos, and won’t get offended by a swear word or two, stick around!